Broth & Stock

Broth & Stock (from the Nourished Kitchen)

Jennifer McGruther

This book is a great little companion to Jennifer’s first book, The Nourished Kitchen. That first book has recipes for different bone broths and stocks, but this one delves much more deeply into the subject. I really enjoyed reading her thorough explanations on the difference between broth and stock, as well as the history she’s dug up on different cultures’ recipes through history.

As for her recipes, I think Jennifer provides a great base knowledge for broths and stocks, with room to make them your own. I prefer to add a little more than only bones and water to my stock (and a lot of hers are just that) but I understand that those simple recipes are also enough to get all of the much-needed nutrients out of the bones. I’m really looking forward to making the Kitchen Scrap Broth (p. 53), Slow-Roasted Salt and Pepper Chicken (p. 60), and the Irish Vegetable Soup (p. 163). Definitely a great book to have on anyone’s bookshelf.

Especially good for: Anyone! Everyone should make their own broths and stocks if at all possible, simply because it really is so easy and truly elevates a lot of your other meals.

I received this book from the Blogging for Books program for this review.